Phone Case Salon

Phone Case Salon lets the girls freely spread their creativity and choose the best way to make a phone case. What you will do in this ABCya girl game is to think of the best set of combinations of skins, themes, decorations, sketches, and so many other elements that will affect the overall theme of a phone case. Go from the steps of choosing the shapes to the step of selecting the color palette.

Finally, complete all the other necessary choices to make the best phone cases! There is no limitation in this game so that the kids can replay and choose a new blank phone case as many times as they like. The work of designing your phone in this fun online game will be challenging for you as you will need to tackle your sense. Chanel your inner designer and come up with the best combination of colors, stickers, and glitter, as well as cute pom poms to give your phone the most dashing look.

If you can come up with different styles, make them all and take the photos of them all to recheck later. With this simple game, you can even create a collection of your own filled with the best looks that you have created. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and be bold with the designs that you have in mind. All the required tools and items that you need are here in this girl game from! Step up and bring your design game up a notch with a bunch of newly added girl games like Maria Adventure and Popsy Humanization as well!

How to play: Click and use the left mouse cursor to choose the items and to move the decorations on the phone case.