Maria Adventure

The list of kid gaming from has just been renewed with daily updates like Maria Adventure - a new side-scrolling game. The vibrant and colorful graphics are to die for as it's lovely and eye-catching. You will participate in the work of helping Maria cross the valley of sweets without failing or falling into any holes. Besides the enchanted forest filled with sweets, cookies, and lovely treats, there will be a bunch of obstacles that prevent you from reaching the castle.

Some useful items like pacifiers, baby bottles, socks, pants, and bodysuits will be good for upgrading and getting big points for the best results overall, therefore, do your best to hit them up on the way. For each level, you got three chances or three lives to finish the long path. If you can reach the destination without dying three times, you can clear the level. Move on to the higher and harder levels with the best of your gained skills and experience! Beware of new obstacles and different enemies showing up when you reach higher levels. The random pop-up of items and objects is worth noticing as well. Jump on time to dodge the gap and holes between the platform blocks for the best movement!

This game is perfect for kids of all ages, especially little kids! They will be excited to enjoy the vibrant and dynamic characters and design for a fabulous game online. Would you be interested in joining more free games with adventure themes such as Popsy Humanization and Villains Inspiring Fashion Trends from ABCya4 action games? The best shall be able to beat all levels with all-star records and have a blast! Get some friends to compete in this game space to see who got the best moves as well!

Controlling keys: Use WASD or arrow keys to move and jump.