Super Burger 2

Super Burger 2 - Super Burger 2 is another arcade game for girls with fun cooking adventures. You won't need to know how to cook fast food here, but thinking and working speed with your fingers will come in handy. Collecting timed sandwiches is not easy, but you need to score a minimum of points to advance to the next round. There are at least five of them in each location, while in the new level the number of burgers that need to be cooked will only increase.

And their complexity will also grow. Of the large abundance of ingredients, you will need to find 4, 5, and sometimes 6 that you need. At the same time, they must be laid in a strict sequence. If you break the recipe, you lose a few precious seconds. Be extremely careful and try to make only the right choice so that the visitors of your cafe are satisfied with the work of the chef

You own a burger shop and you have a lot of customers who love burgers. It's your task to deliver various burger orders on time. You just have to be fast because customers can be impatient sometimes. Remember that you are racing against time. You can produce and sell various burgers in the world 1 and world 2 modes in the game. In the time trial mode, you can break your own record by producing as many burgers as you can.

How long would it take for you to accumulate the largest set of money here? Join more games to become the best manager at controlling the profit such as Baby Halen Cook Style from! Pay attention to the count of cash and RP, information panel, bonus ad, and navigation to win!


Touch the screen on mobile devices.


Only use Mouse buttons.