Pool Buddy 3

Pool Buddy 3 is one of the fun new games suitable for all ages. Players start searching and joining this game at ABCya 4 games. Summer is coming and it's so hot right now. Buddy needs water for his swimming pool. So we are preparing a small swimming pool but we have no water. At the top of the screen, there is water but some obstacles are difficult. You have to pull a peg to get water into the pool.

How do I find out how to move the pins? Will the waterfall out before it enters the pool? Mix water with ice to get more water for our Buddy. Avoid bombs, they will stop you. Use your skills to complete this game and win all the levels without being bothered by ads. Every player loves our special game space. The latest ways to play at https://abcya4.net/ have attracted countless players around the world.

If you lose in each level, try again. The pins all have a special place so you can transfer the water into the pool. Share with other online players your gameplay to pass all the levels with the highest score. If the waterfalls out, you have to start the level again and win all the challenges. Share gaming tips with your friends now. All difficult games have a solution and pass.

Enjoy the feeling of winning and become the best player today. We pride ourselves on bringing players new games every day. List of online games similar to the one we recommend like Can You Reach 8k and Water Connect Puzzle. Try to be the best player today.

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to move the pins until the water runs into the pool