Potion Flip

Potion Flip is a new entertaining game with a classic look and feel, enjoy playing this games on abcya games. For this game, you will need a purple potion and a hot pot. The bottle of potion is placed a safe distance from the boiling saucepan. The potion can only make leftward jumps if the screen is tilted to the right, and rightward jumps can only be made if the screen is tilted to the left. In the air, you may do double leaps. The bottle has to make it to the cauldron without breaking. The game is over if the bottle crashes to the floor.

Flip the potion into the cauldron to complete each level. A fun halloween puzzle game with a bunch of different levels. Unlock new potions as you attempt to flip them all into the goal to win the game. Happy Halloween!

Join your friends now to join the game so that you can work together to overcome the toughest challenges from the game. Discover a few more interesting word game genres Go Go Panda and Bubble Hit .


Click or tap to flip the potion!