Prehistoric Defense

Take your gaming experience back a few thousand years with the new game of Prehistoric Defense - a new game online for kids from the large collection which is updated daily at ABCya 4 action games. Not to mention the lovely animation and cute characters, you will have a fun time trying to capture these adorable cartoony-styled dinos! These orange dinosaurs come with the goal to invade your village, but how can they overcome your defensive line? Start the game and choose the soldiers for each fight and keep dispatching your team one by one.

Don't be alarmed when you don't have too many coins and have to use only two or three soldiers to go up against many dinosaurs. When you earn more coins, purchase new options and recruit more soldiers to help you out. Adding the perfect and most suitable soldiers will help you a lot in the work of selecting the dream team for the field. More characters with higher functions and a larger damage range will help you end the level faster. Defeat the number of dispatched dinosaurs per level and protect your base at all costs, or else you can't move on to the next challenges.

The fights in prehistoric times are different than those in other eras as there are limited resources and tons of obstacles that you need to overcome in order to stay alive. Upgrade the weapons from normal stones to spears, sticks, and arrows to defeat your enemies faster! Attack them as fast as you can so that you can gain more and more currencies to recruit other players. What shall be the rank of your record on our Leaderboard for the best fighters in Our fun unlimited gaming options never end, keep exploring the world with other free games like Bob And Chainsaw or Element Evolution!

How to play: Select the soldiers or villagers with your mouse and dispatch them.