Ringo Starfish

The cutest game with pixelated graphics and a new version of animation for kids is here at ABCya4 adventure game: Ringo Starfish! The quest for the treasure will take place deep underwater that will require some navigating deeper to reach a dark palace that no one has found. You will tackle many trips on this group of mysterious islands, starting from the Coconut island, and make your way further. It's the ultimate goal to explore the underworld while overcoming the enemies, traps, other starfishes, tiger fishes, and more.

If you can collect all crystals and diamonds popping through the path, your Ringo's score will be higher and higher. Keep in mind that because the diamonds are scattered, there will be some hidden in boxes and blocks. You can also eliminate the enemies by hopping higher and fall on top of them to crush them! Use your skills to open and unbox those that might contain the precious diamonds to increase the score. There will be lots of tools showing up at the checkpoints, which can be useful for you at any level that you are on, so don't forget to pick them up and store them for later.

This platform game has a similar side-scrolling theme like other familiar games from https://abcya4.net/ such as Little Broccoli and Kingdom of Ninja 2 that you can freely enjoy during your playtime. Don't forget that only by overcoming all the island traps and figuring out the locations of all treasure trunks can you finish this journey. Be the first to tackle this fantastic adventure and claim the top rank now!

How to play:

Use arrow keys or A, D keys to move,

W or Up Arrow to jump over the obstacles,

X or J to shoot fire, mouse or touchpad to interact and select.