Rotating Catchers

Controlling the Rotating Catchers in this ball-controlling game will not be easy as they are the only defend items that will prevent the colored balls from entering your base. You will do the task of managing these rotating catchers and make sure that the two balls get to rotate at the right timing to counter-attack the upcoming balls. In your hands, you shall find two balloons of the color white and green, both on two ends of a catcher.

The stick of catchers can be rotated in a circular motion. Once the game starts, there will be other balloons attacking you from all sides and they are coming in groups with different color sets. Your job is to defend your position by destroying the coming balloons with a similar-colored catcher. Only the catcher of similar color with the balls can bounce or absorb it and make the coast clear.

For example, when the white balloon is targeting the base, make sure that your white catcher is rotated and facing the upcoming ball. In order to win with flying scores, the players in this ABCya new game need to extend the safe zone and safe time for the base for as long as possible. If you can react quickly and tackle the balls with precision, the game will be quite an easy task for you.

The highlight and most difficult part of the game shall be the timing when there are a lot of balls coming in at the same time. This shall require advanced skills to dodge and bounce them back, so practice and keep your skills sharpened! Other equally interesting and fast-paced games like Impossible Box Rush and Classic Nonogram will be the other good options that you can explore during your free time spent on!

How to play: Click or tap on the catchers to rotate it.