Big Wheels Monster Truck

Big Wheels Monster Truck is another lovely kid-friendly game of car driving where you can enjoy the fun of driving this big-wheel truck down the road here at ABCya racing games. There will be other small cars that you need to overcome by crashing on, and gold coins for you to collect. Say hello to your trusty legendary and powerful monster trucks with such big wheels that crashing other small cars will be a piece of cake. This game allows you to choose from a long list of truck models, however, each can be unlocked with a required number of coins. Try to win as many levels as possible with your monster truck and you will gain some currency to purchase more powerful models.

The players in this car interactive game will have to smash other cars with their monster trucks, capture the gold coins, learn how to speed up, and hit the gas pedal correctly. One wrong speed-up might cause the truck to flip over and you fail the mission immediately, therefore, make sure to keep it stable and balanced before reaching the end of the track. Don't worry as these trucks with huge wheels are invincible, but the rest is just about how you balance their moves.

This new game is a 2D cartoon game with simple yet addictive driving gameplay for you to spend days on it. Check out how many coins and scores you have when you finish all the stages! Share it with some other family members and friends to have a fun time completing your scores! Spread the fun and expand your game world with some cool action-based games like Extreme Runway Racing or Offroad Masters Challenge from when you have the time off later!

How to play: Drive using the arrow keys or the on-screen virtual gas and brake.