Extreme Runway Racing

If you are in search of a fast-paced and thrilling sensation with a car gaming theme, this ABCya new game: Extreme Runway Racing will be a perfect choice for your weekend. Keep your eyes on the prize and race for it! This is a newly added car game to obtain hours of fun riding through a tough race map, enhance plenty of car skills, and enjoy the fascinating gameplay. Moreover, it could be a fun challenge to share with a friend! As the main goal of it will be to secure the first spot in each race, you need more than just good controlling hands.

Use your technique to learn where to take the turn, when to accelerate, and how to conquer these maps. Are you ready to fasten your seat belt and ace this opportunity to unlock the best gaming experience? First, all players get their pick from the in-game various sets of vehicles. Make sure to pick the car model base on not only looks but also stats, speed, capacity, and horsepower. Once you are in the game, you can choose to go solo against CPU or play in the two-player mode with another friend.

It's the highlight of this game that we make it available for you to pick the mode for free! Now, let's hit the runway where you will race and overcome obstacles. Drive like a pro racer and try to bypass your opponents to reach the finish line. A map is given on the side panel for you to keep track of every participant's position in the race. Avoid collision and crashing at all costs so as not to waste gas and time. Other similar games with amazing graphics such as Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim or Mechanic Master Run will also be free if you are interested in another ride here at https://abcya4.net/!


Player 1 drives with arrows, and revives with H key.

Player 2 drives with WASD and revives with C key.