Run Rich Challenge

Run Rich Challenge is a fabulous casual game on abcya 4 grade. Are you dreaming of owning inexhaustible money? This game can turn you into a wealthy person in a couple of minutes. What you need to do cannot be simpler: collect as many banknotes as possible along the way, avoid other obstacles and choose the right thing to do. Getting rich is not a sin.

As a poor guy in Run Rich Challenge, the only way you can change your life is to collect money items like bills and money bags to get yourself richer with better looks. Even if you have been already rich, you could still change your dress by keeping collecting money items. Good luck and have a good time!

Remember to share this game with your friends. Together with your friends begin the challenge of the game to be able to experience extremely stressful escape. Why don't you challenge yourself to a few other similar games like Tales of Crevan and Relax Slicer.

Controls: Mouse to play this games!