Shapes Game

Shapes Game is the new generation of puzzle games for kids, all with new graphics, intense colored shapes, and images, as well as an easy-to-understand guide and tutorial. It's a perfect option to teach your kids the differentiation of shapes and learn how to distinguish colors on each item as well. The goal is to learn and discover the method to tell the difference between many geometric shapes in a fun way and lively layout.

For each guess, there will be three items laying out on the bottom of the screen, each has a different color or shape. The kids then learn how to tell what from what quickly without mistaking them. Some of the items are very similar in terms of color palette or size, therefore, it can be hard to distinguish them sometimes. Once you have made up your mind, go ahead and match the frame with its correct shape.

This free game of ABCya 4 free can be played on most devices that you have at homes such as the mobile phone, tablet, or computer to make it easier for you to guide your kids with whichever that he or she is most familiar with. From triangle, round, rectangle to hexagon, all the shapes will be included in this game with a variety of items and objects in daily life so that the kids can learn and memorize them well. Keep the game going on and on as it's an endless game with a very long list of stages! Search for some more kid games that are equally fun and good for studying purposes such as Insects Bumping Match and Figures In The Clouds, all from our free website of!

How to play the Shapes Game: Click on the correct shape and drag it toward the frame to match.