Sheriff Shoot

Sheriff Shoot is the ultimate test for the fans of shooting games with moving and challenging targets. Your job in this ABCya shooting game is not just simply to shoot the bottles, but also to control a drunk sheriff who is holding the gun! As he got bored and decided to have fun with the work of shooting bottles after having gotten drunk, can you manage the aiming and help him out!

After just a pint of strong beer, be prepared for an unsteady main character who has trouble shooting even stable bottles! Control the aiming scope and make sure to shoot precisely on each bottle. There will be a limit on the number of bullets that you get per stage, therefore, a precise estimation and aiming will be crucial to stay in the game for a long time. Let's see if you can help the hero to make sure that he doesn't embarrass himself in front of the other fellows on the field!

Controlling the gunpoint will be the first important task that needs to be done correct. The next one is to dash from one bottle to another after clearing the previous ones out. If you fail to shoot the bottles back to back, there will be no combos rewarded to you. However, the more streaks you manage to gather, the higher your scores on the Leaderboard will be.

After a few stages, you will find an increase in the number of bottles as well as the distance, which makes the game harder and harder. Can you adjust your shooting technique and aim to conquer more sets of bottles within your range? Let's share more fun shooting games with amazing animation to your friends here at, a free range of diverse genres such as Tank War Defense.

Controls: Click and drag the left button to shoot.