Tank War Defense

If you are all about winning any battle that involves the power of tanks, this ABCya new game of Tank War Defense will be your perfect next option for enjoying! Hop into the position of the controller of this powerful tank and prove to the world how good a commander you are. Your base is under attack by plenty of planes, drones, other tanks, and plenty of new threats.

Your job is to make sure that the tanks - your defensive lines - can defeat these enemy planes which are approaching from the sky above. Do your best to destroy the shells fired from the enemy planes and clear off any of the threats that are sent by your enemy's army. Not only will you be in charge of controlling the shooting direction of the tank but you also need to choose the shooting force wisely.

The shells fired by your opponent will fall from the sky and make it harder for you to move. From the beginning of the game, your defense line needs to stand strong against the attack waves one by one. However, as you progressed through the easy levels and reached the higher stages, the last enemy planes - the bosses - will appear stronger than the others. Keep upgrading your tank and be prepared for any level of enemies that will approach your base!

The agenda of shooting precisely at one plane will not be too difficult, however, the goal of safely protect your base from all attacks at once here at https://abcya4.net/ will be quite a challenge. How are you planning to utilize your resources of tanks? Let's show the world how resourceful and flexible you can be when it comes to action games like Crazy Monster Shooter!

How to play: Click to control the tanks.