The game of Sokogem is fun, addictive, adorable with pixelated and cartoony characters, and the best 2D sliding theme for kids of all ages. In this magical adventure, you will assist the main character to get to the location of the gems. The main objective is to put them all into the chests placed nearby. Each maze's layout varies depending on the location of the gems, the chests, and the difficulty level of the game. Enjoy playing this game here at abcya 4th!

The rule for playing shall be that you can only pull or push the gem toward the end of the line. If the gem is already facing or lining up the wall, it can't be moved in that direction as it's blocked. Learn how to hit the gem so that it slides right into the chest and unlock the door to exit immediately! 

Beware of the obstacles and blocks that show up from the higher levels as they will prevent your path from moving the piece of jewelry quickly. If you can clear the gems with the least moves, the highest scores shall be yours and you get to proceed to the next levels faster. Not only is it a good game for relaxing and enjoying a piece of cute background music with eye-catching graphics but it's also a great way to practice.

Get your hands on this free way to improve your problem-solving skills along with adding an advanced technique for scanning the layout of each level. Your adapting ability will also get to shine here with more games like Merge Harvest and Mini Jumps from the same category at! How fast can you clear the gems in the toughest levels with a complicated layout?

How to play:

Move using the keyboard with WASD or arrow keys for PC.

Control with touchpad or game screen on mobiles and tablets.