Tricky Shapes

We are looking for someone with the best eye for patterns-spotting and shape-fitting in this new game of Tricky Shapes! From the new list of ABCya 4 free games, it's one of the most awaited new games in the range of puzzles and jigsaws. A combination of the jigsaw and Tetris features are embedded in the rules of this game as you will place the given pieces into the frame. However, the square frame has space for one placement for each piece only.

This means that the players have to brainstorm first to see which is the best strategy and figure out the optimal way to place all given pieces. If you fail to fit all three or four pieces or fail to place them at the right positions, you have to replay the level to claim victory. Keep thinking carefully as the game doesn't have any limitation on time! Moving the shapes as you wish is simple enough, however, keep in mind that you can't rotate or do anything to them.

The players are only allowed to move and place the shapes on the blocks, which increases the difficulty and challenging level of this game. What you learn from the classic Tetris games can also be helpful for this game as you have to estimate the number of blocks per piece and look at the overall frame before placing them. Gather some friends and brainstorm together to get the final answer as quickly as possible! Kids of all ages have freely enjoyed this game without worrying about ads, interruption, or any cost, so let's hop right into it! Improve your logical thinking, problem-solving with more trendy jigsaws like Zoo Pinball and Slimoban from our website of!

Controls: Click or use a touchpad to move the pieces.