Truck Climber

Truck Climber can be one of the most suitable options for a gaming time with arcade genres from the list of games at ABCya 4 racing games. The goal is simply to make sure that your truck can climb over higher platforms, rocks, and overcome the obstacles that pop up on the path to reach the furthest checkpoint in this journey. As the players taking part in an awesome truck game, there are two crucial factors that will contribute to your chances of winning here. First of all, pay attention to the gas pedal and the break to make sure that the car doesn't flip while tackling the new objects on the way.

Secondly, maneuver and balance the tips of the car carefully so that there is enough momentum for it to bounce up. Such momentum should be enough to push the car's weight, but not too large that it causes a flip or collision. There will be a bunch of different layouts for rock placement, ranging from a small bunch of rocks to a huge milestone of them. There is no other path for you to turn, therefore, try to move over them without having to roll over!

The signal that shows the moment you can complete and gain scores from one level is the second that you manage to cross the finish line. The best players shall be able to lightly tilt the truck to avoid landing on your head while pumping up some nitrous to speed up. There is no limitation on the number of times that you can retry while being on this journey, so go ahead and gather some friends to join this thrilling game at! Our daily-added list of games is filled with new options such as Halloween Wheelie Bike and Speed Boat Extreme Racing!

Controls: Click on the gas pedal and the break or use the arrows to control the truck.