Valentine Mahjong

Valentine Mahjong is a fun and exciting game of Mahjong with extra servings of love! Use your skills, strategy and luck to complete the game! There are some handy features to help you complete the full game. Enjoy playing this game here at abcya4 school!

In order to awaken your new ideas, we offer you to briefly plunge into our puzzle Valentines Day Mahjong. Mahjong tiles are painted with various goodies, flowers and toys - this is something that can be used as a gift for Valentine's day. Watch and remove pairs of identical tiles until you clear the playing field.

Your journey becomes more interesting than ever when you have time to explore many of the same games with this puzzle game that is constantly updated on the website like Roshambo and Brain Games. You have saved them to your favorite game list and will participate in your free time. 


Click on the Mahjong tiles to make connections and clean out the table!