White Dot

White Dot is the perfect example of a simple, minimalist game for kids that involve fun gameplay and a combination of intelligence, estimation, and reaction speed. If you are good at controlling fast-paced items, you will be able to showcase the accuracy in shooting in this game from ABCya ball games 4 kids! The goal is to hit the white circle on the top of the screen with the number of balls that are shown at the bottom.

To do so, use the gun with given colored balls at the shooting position. There will be white and blue balls on the first few levels, then upgrade to more colors. These white balls have a certain size that you can use to shoot upper the playing field in order to hit your target. Keep in mind that more moving items like the pink balls, a huge block, and others will be in the center of the board to make your shot harder. Learn how to deal with these obstacles and solve the problems that are different for each stage. A tip is to estimate the timing when it comes to moving obstacles.

Learn when the pink ball will not block the way and shoot before that. For any successful shot, you will claim the scores accordingly. Take advantage of all the colored balls within one stage smartly. With the goal to make as many shots as possible, avoid hitting the pink ball or the other items at all costs to stay in the game for a long time! Here at https://abcya4.net/, we invite talented shooters to enhance their virtual skills with more similar games like Spades and Math Magic Battle, without any worries of cost!

How to play: Click on the screen to choose the colored balls and to shoot.