Xtreme Racing

If you are a daredevil with an intense passion for racing, don't miss out on this unique 3D platform on Xtreme Racing online game from ABCya 4 racing! Not only is this a fast-paced racing game with tons of deep canyons and high buildings but it also has a floaty platform that messes with your navigation. The work of a pilot in this game will be to control his or her aircraft and fly through the narrow canyons while dodging the bricks and the bullets.

The players with a fast first-person racing experience will be able to thrive in this gaming option. As the graphics of the game are of an endless abstract world, you need to navigate well to avoid being drifted to another dimension of the crash. There will be a screening guide for you to detect the upcoming obstacles and guide your aircraft. An extra score is given for each successful race that will ultimately increase your total score. Kids of all ages, especially boys who love a bit of thrilling sensation, have enjoyed this game over and over again!

Don't forget that your navigator and parameters help a lot in the work of targeting the next item to shoot and where to dodge. Keep flying and learn how to drive smoothly so that you can slightly dodge the attacks and gather the coins. Do you know that other gaming selections such as City Police Cars and Sports Bike Racing will be equally cool options for your playtime with your besties? All the games from https://abcya4.net/ will be unique in terms of theme, gameplay, and design. Come and break down the canyons on your trusty aircraft now!

How to play: Move the airplane using the left and right arrows or by using the left and right buttons on the mouse.