Zoo Pinball

Pinball games like Zoo Pinball from Abcya 4 free games will bring you back to your childhood game that was once the most popular game for kids. In this pinball saloon, you will control the metal ball and the other items to make sure that there's nothing that can make the ball fall down the hole. By moving the jaws of the animals holding the spin, you will be able to flip the ball upward, downward, or toward any direction that you want. It's very satisfying to hear the sound of the metal ball hitting all kinds of bouncers, obstacles, and sticks thanks to the high-quality background sound and interactive sound.

Your scores will go up if you manage to keep your ball inside the pinball board for a long time, therefore, keep your focus and constantly move the bouncers to maintain your ball. It's a realistic experience similar to the feeling of rolling a pinball in a real machine, which keeps the players hooked into this game for more and more playtime. The zoo theme is what highlights the game and distinguishes it from the other ordinary ball games, so you can look forward to the lovely animals from the jungle such as the lion, hippo, monkey, tiger, and so on. Aim the ball towards the jaws of the jungle friends and keep scoring for more points to keep your name at the top of the Leaderboard.

Also, choosing the starting force will be a crucial element besides controlling the flippers in time. If you shoot the ball with a small force, it will not be able to bounce up to the higher flippers, which increases the risk of falling. Practice more with more ball-shooting games like Slimoban and Crazy Monsters Memory to enhance your techniques after having mastered this game at https://abcya4.net/ !

How to play: Click to shoot the ball and use the arrows to control the flippers.