Cookies Must Die Online

The funny name of Cookies Must Die Online has been all the rage here at ABCya's new gaming collection for this month's new adventure! Check out this new arcade game with a side-scrolling platform and lots of action-based movement for you to explore. The goal of this game is to assist the brave Jack on his path to search for the mutant cookies, destroy them, and arrive safely at the destination.

Take over the city with the most precise movement while surviving the most intense attacks. You need to crush your enemies so that the path for gathering cookies can open up wider. Defeating big bosses occurs after a feel stage or after a while when the players have reached further progress in the game. Don't forget to utilize your smart moves and skills to conquer all the special traps, holes, and challenging characters here!

As Jack is a super secret agent, his special powers implanted in his body can help him take the best weapon and perform a high jump onto higher blocks. Take this as an advantage to conquer your upcoming intense and exciting war! If you fail to dodge and keep your path clear, the dangerous jellies, angry cookies, flying spikes, wheels, and menacing chocolates will be the items that might prevent you from winning.

It's all about how you can dominate this game with your flexibility and change of movements constantly. Even if you are in mid-air, the next obstacles might require you to react quickly and change direction immediately. Don't forget to continue the journey of online gaming with more choices such as Huggy Rescue Parkour from later!

How to play:

Use the touchpad to play on tablets and mobiles.

Move, jump, and interact using the mouse on the PC.