Showcase your talent as the racer in Drift 3 where you need to drift with great finesse and balance the vehicles carefully. It's also a chance to test your reflexes, maneuvering skills, navigation, and hand-eye coordination. As it's a type of ABCya game that take the racers to different drifting sceneries one after another, start enjoying it now! All we need is your racer name and favorite car model from the given collection.

There are tons of modern car models from the store, however, if you manage to pick the type that suits your driving style, there are more chances to win. From horsepower and style to the driving wheels, pick carefully. Keep in mind that all components can be upgraded when you earn more coins later in the game. Once you hit a race, learn to drive and bypass other racers.

However, driving is just one part of the mission. Performing your drifts around tricky corners will bring highlights to the racetrack, but it can be risky too. Enjoy this competition against the other 7 players online. Let's learn to release the control at the right time to slide and drift smoothly! If you happen to collide with other players, do your best to push them out of the track.

You can keep track of the position of all players using the given map on the top of the screen, so check it out from time to time! More than just basic racing cars are placed in the store, so go and pick a truck, a police car, a van, or even a fire engine if you feel like it! Are you ready for this thrilling race with an intuitive interface and fast-paced gameplay at https://abcya4.net/? Try out some other popular games like Imperor.io too!


Use the left mouse or space bar to turn left or right.