Football Champs

Football Champs is the basic one-button football game that many have failed to crack. Can you play the game of football alongside these cute dogs and assist them to win all matches on the championship board? Kicking the ball will be the main action required here in this ABCya new game as it tests your reflexes, interaction skills, and concentration in the middle of a fast-paced football game.

As the main character will be in charge of meddling to grasp the ball and bring it to the net of the other opponent, you need to kick the ball when it's the perfect timing. On the crosshair where a penalty score is crucial, do your best to get the most scores by hitting the balls precisely. There will be a thirty-second time limit per ball which pose quite a pressure on the player. You can earn more bonuses and booster time for a perfect hit.

Time penalties will be implemented when you miss the ball, so do your best to avoid this scenario. Keep track of your gained scores and hit balls using the statistics on the side panel of the game screen. Don't give up if you haven't fully mastered the movement of the dogs from the beginning of the game. Slowly gain control and practice to make it perfect for all the balls that you are going to kick later, regardless of the difficult stages that they are on.

Let's see if you can grow and develop your skills fast enough to conquer challenges on the highest levels of this game from! Other similar-themed games with sports genres and fast-paced animation are Champion Soccer or Super Goal, all available without a dime for your exploration!

Controlling keys: Click and move the mouse to hit the ball.