Frog Fights With Buddies

The lilypads in this game of Frog Fights With Buddies might look thin and not stable, but your little frog can stay on it for a long time! Have fun in this duo game of ABCya 4 kid game that involves that gameplay of jumping from one lilypad to another. The lilypads are ready for the two frogs in a match to jump on and conquer with the highest scores.

Once joining a new match, the goal is to jump on the lilypad as many times as possible and eat all the floating bugs. If possible, come up with a move or strategy to kick your frog opponents into the water and you will gain the winning title sooner. The rule says that the first frog to conquer 15 points wins, so start jumping once the game is on.

It's a new casual game that can be played anytime you want thanks to the simple rule and theme, but the thrill and sensation of defeating the fast opponent in this frog fight will be the best! Enjoy the lovely animation and beautiful artwork when jumping. A tip for newbies is to wait for the frog to rotate its direction to the right lilypad.

If you jump too soon or too late, your frog will fall into the water and the game is over. Put up a fight and be on your feet to gather the delicious bugs for your character! This type of PvP multiplayer game allows you to either go up against a bot or share the server with an online friend, or your friend. The fun is unlimited with the free category of games at, so hit the party now with some games like PAPER.IO 2!

Instructions: Click on the frog to make it jump.