Hammer Fight

Hammer Fight is not the same as any other ordinary fights that you tackle in the other ABCya4 games online. You will go head to head with the toughest players who can manage different hammers and use them to their advantage in this new fighting game. Learn how to control your hammer as fast as possible and dodge to take the least blows! That's the key to surviving this game and protecting your case barrel from breaking.

Once you start, the game automatically searches for an online player that is also ready to play. The two players join an arena with the main theme of hammer fight. Both shall try to swing their hammer in a circular motion to get force and momentum to hit the others. If you manage to hit the enemy many times, while dodging the attacks, you will win the match and gain scores.

Moreover, this game also has the function of hours and daily bonuses so that players with regular attendance shall have their rewards too. In this unique game from https://abcya4.net/, you will have to conquer the levels in the upward difficulty stages. The more coins there are in your wallet, the more updates you can gain for your warriors. From 16 strong weapons to 7 different cases for barrels, they are good items to strengthen and enhance the skills of your character!

Don't be naive and steer clear of the enemy's attack that is dangerous to stay alive! How long can you stay in one piece in this daring and intense game of action? Other similar games such as Helicopter Escape or Angry Cat Run Zombies Alley will be equally good options for your entertainment later!

Controlling keys: use the mouse to swing the hammer and control the character's movement.