Human Vehicle

Human Vehicle challenges your ability to control your vehicle filled with the most stickmen to become the top-tier vehicles in the race! Not only is this ABCya 2022 game free a great option when it comes to 3D games but it also has lots of challenges and tough gameplay for you to explore. First, learn the goal that you need to complete to set up a nice detailed strategy for moving.

The players in this arcade game will need to avoid all the obstacles as they pop up on their path when they hit the journey. The longer you progress in the game, the more walls, spiky things, and valuable gems you will find. Do your best to balance the two tasks of staying intact without failing and gathering the most gems possible. The gained gems become extremely valuable and helpful when you need coins to purchase new vehicles and update using new boosters.

There are more than 20 unique vehicles that will evolve in the game. As long as you can conquer all these varieties of levels in 50 turns, you will slowly ace through five different terrains and environments. Each one has its unique challenges and difficulties when it comes to gaming, so explore them one by one in the order of increasing stages and ace them all!

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How to play Human Vehicle:

Click and move the mouse cursor from the left to the right and vice versa to play the game.