Squicky is a new game that can be found here at https://abcya4.net/ with the latest gameplay of dynamic arcade themes and an interesting storyline! Help this cute mouse rescue his friends by going through all levels of the dark dungeon and finding the way out. In order to reach the last base, where his friend is captured and kept captive, the mouse needs to complete the task of clearing all the doors with the keys on each stage.

Find the key on the platform that can open one door leading to the next level. Not only do you need to locate and gather the keys quickly but you also need to control the movement of the mouse in order to collect the golden coins and escape the enemies. As you move through each maze, find the way to overcome the high blocks and deep holes, as well as to run away from guards and monsters.

The monsters show up randomly and they will try to prevent you from moving forward, therefore, do your best to avoid their attacks and steer clear of the area of danger. Defeating your enemies will clear out the path to reach the exit doors faster and it also increases your scores by protecting the gained coins.

You can check out the limited time using the countdown clock on the top of the screen. We have the coin count in order to show the players how many coins they have gathered as well. You have 120 seconds to make it out of a level. Can you conquer this time-base task and dash through all levels with ease? Here at ABCya game 4 kids, tons of online games with interesting storylines await you in other games like Hyper Doll!

Controls: Move using the left and right arrow keys, and jump using the spacebar.