The Last Battle Casual Defense Game

That's when you win The Last Battle Casual Defense Game with the highest score. Enjoy the excitement that our online game has introduced to players at You are the martial arts master and you have to hone your skills by killing all the flies that fly towards you with your fists or legs. If you miss a hit, you lose. Observe the movement of the flies to time your punches and kicks perfectly.

The number of flies will increase gradually throughout the game. Does the difficulty of this game make it difficult for you? Do not be discouraged. You will relax with our exciting games. Enjoy the moment of victory and unlock new plays with the highest score you have ever had. Share online tips and the latest games with other players. The fight is increasingly complicated with the attack of flies. Use your fighting skills to victory. Our main character will use both legs and arms to destroy the flies. Overcome their onslaught and become the best warrior.

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How to play: Use the left mouse button or tap directly on the screen to hit the flies.