Undine Match The Pic

Undine Match The Pic is the latest ABCya summer game for girls of all ages to participate in the joy of discovering all the different points among the pics with the main theme of mermaids! Enjoy exploring these beautiful images of mermaids and find out the places in the frame that are not identical. Among the ordinary activity of sunbathing or playing on the beach, this one will be a simple yet suitable choice for you to share with your girls during the playtime!

To win the whole game, the players need to locate the difference sets in six pairs of almost identical frames. There are only a few small points that are different between the two in one pair, which will require a great eyesight to find. Have fun admiring these amazing frames of cute little mermaids as well as lovely sea creatures while enhancing your ability to observe and pick up the correct spots.

There is a time limitation of two minutes for each pair, therefore, you need to stay focused and conquer the level before the time runs out. It's not easy to fully locate all the differences on your first trial, therefore, don't worry and replay! We don't limit the number of times that you can replay the games, so feel free to explore and have fun for as long as you like!

Pay attention to the timer on the bottom part of the screen to keep track of the remaining time. Controlling keys are simple and easy for kids to learn fast. Are you ready to have fun with this colorful graphic game and enjoy the creativity of mermaid pictures? Come to try out more simple yet addictive games like Trader Rush from our new game list at https://abcya4.net/

Controls: Click the mouse or touch the screen to play the game.