Basket Swooshes Plus

In this intense match of basketball, two players will go head to head to find out the one who can score the most and never gives up. The only reason why you will fail against your opponent in this ABCya 4 sports game: Basket Swooshes Plus is when you give up! As long as you continue to throw, there will be more chances of scoring and reclaiming the title of the winning side later in the game.

The rule is very simple for a two-player type of game related to sports. Like any other basketball match, you will aim and use the ball to throw and make sure that it reaches the basket of your opponent's side. It takes more than flexibility and a cool head to conquer the whole tournament as there are a total of three game modes for you to select, ranging from the famous World cup, a heated Time challenge, and a set of 2-player modes. If you are looking for a game with a multiplayer gaming choice to share with a friend during the free time, this one will be a good option. Depending on the game modes, learn how to complete different tasks and bring home the top scores to take over the new spots on the Leaderboard.

Two different devices can share the game at the same time thanks to the new mechanism from our creators at The fastest player to reach 11 points per match will be considered as the winning side! Feel free to dive into more sports games with high-pace gameplay and interactive simulation options such as Dunk Jumps and Golden Goal With Buddies

Controlling keys: Move the mouse cursor to aim and shoot with the pointer. For tablet and mobile users, use the touch screen to control the character.