Dunk Jumps

If you are a fan of simple yet challenging sports games, don't miss out on the spin-off virtual version of basketball called Dunk Jumps from ABCya4 new game for kids! Feel free to showcase your best technique when it comes to moving the balls and dunking them without getting caught in the obstacles. This is more than just any ordinary sports game as it has some features of puzzles and arcades embedded in it. Keep your eye on the ball constantly to make sure that there is no room for error as you are moving the ball through the platform filled with traps and spikes.

The basketball bounces off the wall thanks to the fullness of it, however, if the wall is full of spikes, the ball will explode. As the ball bounces freely against the walls, it's your job to maneuver the direction and the movement of it to secure the ball from the dangerous spikes. Both of the walls have spikes on some parts that you need to steer clear to keep your ball in one piece. Also, keep an eye on the golden stars that show up randomly from time to time to increase your scores significantly.

A tip for newbies to survive for a long time in this game is to avoid trying too hard to get the golden stars. Your main goal should be to survive for a long time without breaking your basketball! There will be more arcade games with similar themes and eye-catching graphics for you to explore such as Golden Goal With Buddies and Pole Vault Jump, all available within the tips of your fingers in https://abcya4.net/! Enhance your reflexes, great observation and continue to explore the world of newly updated and addictive gameplay for a blasting playtime!

How to control the basketball in Dunk Jumps: Click or tap on the game screen to move the basketball.