Pole Vault Jump

Have you ever tried playing a game in the role of a pole vault athlete? If this is your first time, enjoy the hilarious moments with ABCya 4 interactive gaming selection: Pole Vault Jump, and you will have a blast! This is one of the funniest interactive games in which you will go up against other athletes to see who shall be the best in this pole jumping tournament. The rules of this game are pretty simple, but it all comes down to techniques to win this. The players will have to jump at the perfect timing in order to use the pole as leverage for jumping over the obstacles.

If you manage to choose the best timing, it will help you overcome not only obstacles but also other competitive players. Get the hang of it by practicing controlling the poles first with our detailed tutorial and mini-games. Don't worry if you happen to fail the game in the first few trials! Another crucial mission is to gather golden coins that are scattered on your path as you are running. Using those coins, you can get a whole collection of new features, skins, and items to put on your character! The more coins you have, the more options you can get from the store in this game at https://abcya4.net/.

The champion cup is not easy to bring home, especially for newbies. This game has a fun and athletic genre that allows kids to have the most of their hilarious and relaxing moments without having to worry about being interrupted or at any cost. Feel free to continue with other new games that have equally enjoyable gameplay such as Nifty Hoopers and GP Ski Slalom, all of which are available at the tips of your fingers!

Controlling keys: Click and hold the mouse to jump.