Beach Crazy

Beach Crazy is the next-level beach game that you can share with friends and family to get a bit of sunshine back in the cold weather without having to leave the house at all. In this ABCya driving game for kids, the players will be participating in a beach driving tournament that leads them from one beach to another with different challenges, unique layouts, special obstacles, and items for you to gather.

As you will control the three different stunt vehicles in the game, learn how to drive on the sand so that you can rock the whole beach and perform crazy stunts in this summer-themed version of gaming online! Moreover, the players can use their stunt rockets, as well as the crash bombs, to create the best effect in case they lose one of their wheels. Collect all the stunt reels to progress as each reel has a unique using purpose and advantage.

The blue stunt reel helps to crash the beach party, while the red stunt reel trashes the shelly's and porta-potties. Don't forget about the yellow stunt reel that annoys the people on the sunbeds as well! When you smash as much stuff as possible, you get to increase the progress and proceed to the next levels sooner!

Unlock all the available car types in the collection of so that you can utilize the best engine and rock the beach with your truck! For the boat control, make sure that you can maneuver while moving on the water so that no other obstacles can get in your way! Spread the fun with plenty of racing and driving games such as Extreme Runway Racing and FreegearZ from our top category and collection for kids of all ages!


Use the arrows or WASD to move,
use Z, X, and C to boost the rockets and missiles.