Candy Monsters Puzzle

Showcase a bit of your critical thinking and ability to solve puzzles in this new ABCya game for kids: Candy Monsters Puzzle! How quickly can you fill the bowl with candies for our lovely monster to have dinner? The objective of this game is quite simple, yet hard to achieve when it comes to higher levels. We need your help with filling the plate with the candies which are locked inside the glass pieces. Break the glass boxes by moving them and clearing the way for candies to fall down the bowl.

When you progress in the game and come to higher levels, you will find the candies hidden in more complex boxes and puzzles, which will need a bit of brainstorming to solve. Keep in mind that our candy monster is impatiently waiting for the candies, but the faster you crack the game, the higher your scores will be. As long as you fill enough candies, you can move on to the next round. However, the stars you earned are based on the number of candies you managed to gather, which means you should always aim for the full range.

Let's see how you can successfully fill all the candies on the plate and clear 3 stars on all 50 different levels in this game from! The adventure is completed once you have fed the monsters with candies at full level and not fail. Feel free to replay the level anytime as our game is free! For more diverse genres and different gaming types like action, sports, chess, and io games for your playtime, check out some popular options such as Insect Exploration or Paused on our game world!

How to play:

Use the left button to choose and slide blocks.

Play with the touchpad on mobiles and tablets.