Chick Chicken Connect

Enjoy this new game with the name of Chick Chicken Connect where the most important goal is to clear the lines filled with similar chicks! Among these colored chicks, there will always be a set of three or more chickens of the same type! Find these grouping and connect them with one line to remove all of them from the board at once! Bear in mind that in this ABCya puzzle game, your number of given moves is limited. For each connection, the number shall reduce by one, and continuously reduce until there's none left.

When the final number of moves remaining turns 0, your game is over. Among the given items on the board, keep an eye out for a specific bomb that increases the number of turns if you manage to gather multiple chickens in one line. Try to go ahead and collect the special Skill Gauge by erasing the most chickens, and your Fever Gauge by erasing chicks! A tip for newbies is to look out for the cluster with more of the same colors so that you can manage to grasp that huge pack. Don't mistake between the two and utilize them wisely to get the highest results possible!

The more coins you earn from clearing chickens, the more chances you earn to unlock new items, new levels, and others. More moves will be given for harder stages, however, the point to winning is the one line consists of the most chicks or chickens possible. Are you ready to participate in this new game and showcase your talent in clearing out the arcade missions here at Spread the spirit of this fun game to other players and compete with more similar arcade games like Roshambo or Card Match 10 with your technique!

How to play:

Use the mouse cursor or touchpad to choose and connect the chickens.