Cube Surfer

Cube Surfer tests not only your ability to navigate and interact while being under the immense pressure of time and record but it's also one of the most enjoyable running games with high-quality gameplay. The game is available for free for the little kids right here in the collection of the ABCya 4 game online. Take up the challenges with no fear thanks to the detailed tutorial given to any new players joining the game.

With guidance, you will be able to get a grasp on the basics of the game, the main rules, the possible threats, and the way to win it fast. Stay alert at all times since there will be a lot of dangers showing up randomly and slowly on the track. It's best to steer clear of the spikes, hole, and the floating strange items to keep your stack of cubes. Your job is to jump up and stack two or more cubes together in order to create a higher stack made of multiple cubes. The higher it is, the higher the possibilities for it to crack and crash down, therefore, move with the utmost carefulness as you progress through this game at

For each stage, keep an eye out for the end checkpoint, or the final destination that the players are required to conquer. Since there is a large collection of levels with different features, themes, and new skins in this game, don't miss out on this chance to enjoy such a fun game! In case you are looking for more similar games that are also for free for the purpose of sharing with your friends, take a look at some good gaming options like Ghost Wiper and Thief Fps Fire Marshal

Controlling keys:

Click and drag the mouse to stack up the cubes and make them move on the platform.