Thief Fps Fire Marshal

In the mission of Thief Fps Fire Marshal at, due to the intense and fast-paced gameplay that requires the players to take all of their skills into usage, you will get to learn tons of new tricks and the scheme on how to carry out a takeout. Play the role of a special force with an individual secret mission of searching all nook and cranny to locate the lair of the terrorists and shooting them down.

It's not an easy task since you are on your own as you sneak into a terrorist’s base and find the chance to shoot them one by one. Your best friend in this game is the trusty sniper that can zoom in from a long distance to make sure that you are picking the right targets. Keep in mind that there will be citizens inside the city as well as the normal people, therefore, don't take any hasty shot before aiming correctly. The time is limited to a few minutes per one challenge only, but it's the right amount to sweep the area and scouting carefully. Don't worry or panic while pulling the trigger! The bullet bar will automatically reload after it runs out.

This ABCya action game is famous for its immersive settings, realistic 3D first-person point of view, and elaborated enemies. Are you ready to hop in the middle of rapid-fire combat where you are the main goal? Customize your gear using the equipment that you collect on your way. The more capacity your weapons are, the higher the chance for you to stay alive. Search for more enemies, bad guys and take them down in other great boy games such as Laser Maker and US Police Prisoner Transport

How to play:

Drag the mouse cursor to aim, look, change the view, use the L key to lock the mouse, shoot by clicking the left mouse button.