Medieval Battle 2P

There is nothing more adventurous and action-based than a battle taking place in a medieval era with tons of battlefields and enemies here at ABCya free games! If you are brave enough to participate in all battlefields in this Medieval-period game, you will be enjoying the thrills of going back in time with an interactive 2P game for free! Enjoy this game of Medieval Battle 2P as it's one of the most popular choices for a battle simulator game.

The players get to play the role of a commander and choose how to play his or her team filled with powerful soldiers, archers, fighters, and other types. Feel free to tap on either single-mode or two-player mode depending on your desire. For a starter, we recommend that you check out the Campaign mode to learn how you can go head to head with another online player to see who can conquer lands.

Keep in mind that your strategy and tactics are the most important elements of the game, as you need to make sure to utilize the limited resources and gold coins spent on soldier recruits. Also, a good strategy helps the commander to defeat the enemy sooner. If you manage to place the soldiers with lower defense scores on the backside, they work better.

Especially archers should never be on the front line as they attack better from a distance. Keep dense up the upper line with the more powerful units like the knights to keep your base steady. There's more room for you to explore and come up with new strategies to wow the world of gaming! Are you ready to face more challenges with other action games like Ugi Bugi & Kisiy Misiy and Wonderful High Heels 3D from our category at


Move and choose soldiers using the mouse.

Use X to remove soldiers, Ctrl for camera rotation, and WASD for movement.