Bowarcher Tower Attack

Bowarcher Tower Attack guarantees to be one of the most popular games on the site ABCya 4 kid with an entertaining theme of action and defense for your tower! Keep your stance while being under attack by the vicious monsters in the land and find the way to get them down as soon as possible. These zombies will attack your tower with the aim to hit the gate and enter the area.

Make sure to avoid letting them get close and prevent them from bringing down your tower! In this era where wars are happening, you will need to do the best to shoot at the zombies and defend yourself from this huge wave of continuously enemies. Use the bows and arrows to shoot at them one by one. On the first few stages, they might come in smaller batch. As you progress in the game, more and more will come at the same time.

This increase in number means that you need to be able to improve your weapons and enhance the shooting force to eliminate the enemies that are getting stronger as well. The latter wave will bring more and more enemies to make the challenge tougher and keep the players on their toes. This fun arcade game can be played on both mobiles and PC and it will be incredibly fun to share with your friends during the holiday.

Try to gather more coins and upgrade the weapons for the best result while shooting. The upgraded weapon helps to maximize the damage range and diminish the chance of you being attacked! Hit more targets in other games like Find Alien 3D and Eliatopia from our new game list at and bring home the top scores.


Play the game using PC keyboard or the mobile touchpad.