Cycling Hero

Cycling Hero guarantees a new type of ABCya4 with an ultimate pro cycling racing theme. Kids of all ages who are fans of cycling and racing have learned the basics and participated in this race to try and gain the top title, but new races will bring a new set of teams and new challenges for you to explore. First, get your hands on the designated bicycle that you are given so that you can get used to its control and movement.

Secondly, move along the pane or the tracks to defeat the others at reaching the destination on the first trial. The way to control your bike in this game will be to use the arrow keys. Ride fast to avoid the obstacles and make sure that you can eliminate the other rivals by bumping them from your rear wheel and gaining bonus points. There will be 5 or 6 lanes with the same number of pro cyclists joining the race.

There are a few items that you can take advantage of to make yourself outstanding on the tracks such as the booster pane or the high blocks. Make sure that you don't lose the balance of the bike when you go through the blocks by maneuvering between the arrow keys. Also, booster panes give a nudge to increase the speed significantly so that the cyclists can hop on the blocks with better momentum.

It's an endless bicycle race so you can try to score as many points and defeat as many opponents as possible before ending the games. Three lives are yours, so use them wisely every time. Other racing games like Grand Hero Gangster Simulator and Mechanic Master Run can be good options for weekend enjoyment too!

Use the arrow keys to ride on PC, use the touchpad to ride on tablets.