Double Driving

Double Driving is not like any other game that you have played in the range of racing games. This new one from is a brand new challenge with tons of reflexive tests for the players who would enjoy a bit of a multitasking game theme. The overall rule is very easy to understand, accompanied by bright and simple graphics to make it suitable for all ages. You need to control the movement and the navigation of two cars as they are driving on the paths at the same time.

The difficulty lays in the part that the obstacles are set differently for each lane, which means that you need to cooperate both to avoid crashing on any of them. Even one of the car crashes will lead to a failed level, therefore, we recommend that you try to dodge and steer clear of all obstacles for both. It's more of a game for advanced players who had experience with dealing with two different main drives, but we welcome all the newbies and new talents to take a shot with this free game from ABCya4 driving games!

Only after a short period, tons of players have fallen in love with the fast-paced gameplay and thrilling sensation for a different gaming experience. The longer you manage to stay alive in this game, the more chances you will have to collect coins and earn plenty of points. As long as you can stay focus, you can react fast enough to keep your cars in one piece, but only one mistake will cost you your gained scores. Stay on the right lanes and keep the cars running for the top ranking! Other games like Xtreme Racing and City Police Cars will be equally fun to enjoy, so pick one and enjoy during your freetime!

Instructions: Click or tap on the lanes to move the cars.