Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense

The gist of Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower - the new game from ABCya online game is a newly updated defensive game with a classic rule that you usually found in the games of defense. If this genre is your cup of tea, don't miss out on this chance to be a part of this challenging journey for kids of all ages! Each player will be granted a limited number of coins, and your job is to use them wisely to build up your army. The purpose of the army is to protect the kingdom from the outsider's attack waves and the intrusion of the other armies in the neighborhood.

They will come in waves continuously with the aim to take over your kingdom, but the first thing they have to overcome is your stronghold, therefore, this task is crucial to your winning chance. To win the quest, you will have to advance through different levels and conquer them one by one without failure. Each comes with a signature layout of the kingdom to help distinguish the stages. You can look forward to beautiful sceneries, great graphics for a kingdom, and the most updated hand-drawn soldiers as well as unique paths for the intruders.

Keep in mind that the most important task is to separate your shooters and place the towers along the way entering the kingdom to make sure that the enemies are eliminated on the way. If you can defeat them all before a single one of them reaches the gate, the level will be over. Time will be recorded to calculate the ultimate result that is used for ranking later. How long can you defend your kingdom and keep it safe from those with bad intentions? Come to https://abcya4.net/ and challenge your fighting skills with other fights like Collision Pilot and Raft Shark Hunting

Controls: Control and move the soldiers on your team using the mouse.