Collision Pilot

If you are a fan of planes, aircraft, and pilots, it's time to try out Collision Pilot - the new abcya game that is exclusively for the most demanding players. Multiple players can enjoy this game together to increase the chance of sharing and competing more actively. Each player will have to try their best to avoid other colored planes in the same air space. Besides the planes, there will be some transparent blocks in which you can find the fruits and other items that will be helpful for the game.

Do your best to collect as many of them as possible since they will help you to increase the total scores at the end of the journey. It's quite a tricky game that you will learn tons of tips and tricks, so share with friends from all around the world as well. The only goal is to avoid collisions at all costs, but you can improve the experience by creating more tricks. Once you get the rules of the game, you will be free to choose between attacking or defending.

The strategy will also play an important role in determining the rate of success in this game at To carry out the mission successfully, you need to choose a suitable strategy for each target and shoot them down. Relax and feel the freedom of flying over the sky in more games like Raft Shark Hunting and Soldier Bridge from our website!

Controls: Move through the air, avoid the other planes and collect the transparent blocks using the mouse cursor.