Flex Run

The coordination of your fingers will be the key factor to winning this game which is all about flexibility! Flex Run is the battle against the list of fast-moving items here in this game! It's the control of a very agile gymnast who is trying to flip and dodge all the obstacles during the run. The obstacles move towards you at a fast pace and they will be coming constantly.

More and more furniture will become your enemies if you can't learn how to dodge and move flexibly. The main character that you will be controlling here is a gymnast who can bend and create special poses to get through the layout of the obstacles. You will be the only one in charge of the pose and keep it until when the obstacles have passed.

Before each invasion, you need to observe the location and position of each piece of furniture to come up with the best customization of poses for it. Let's show the most flexibility that you can have and demonstrate them in a long enough period. If you fail to keep the pose and fall when the furniture move by, your turn is over.

It's an endless arcade game with simple yet difficult gameplay, especially when the speed increases, therefore, we welcome the players to try and test their techniques! Go on with more and more amazing games with different themes like EvoHero - Idle Gladiators or Jump On 2 for the most effective time practicing online with virtual games! Don't forget that our gaming world of abcya 4 action is here for kids of all ages and genders to come by and have a wonderful gaming time!

How to play: Move and control the movements of the gymnast using the mouse cursor or using the keyboard.