EvoHero - Idle Gladiators

It takes certain skill sets to combat against the hardcore and strong fighters in this game of ABCya fighting game: EvoHero - Idle Gladiators! How hard can you train to get to the top of the Leaderboard filled with powerful warriors? It's a competition where you can battle against other in a freestyle match. From kicking to punching and hitting, you can utilize any fighting move you have to kick off the opponent while staying as the last remaining player in the arena.

Improve your skills and fighting technique as you climb up the rank. The higher you are, the harder it is to crack the next match as your competitor will be stronger. All challenging battles are available in this thrilling game with lively animation, a major setting of enemies where you battle with the most powerful army. It's the task to manage your gladiators to create your top-range list of heroes which can guarantee victory in all battles.

Plenty of excitement on the fights and action-based heroes are waiting for you and it's for free to share with other players. Incorporate different fighting techniques and adjust your fighting method from one match to another to spice it up and avoid being captured by the opponent. Be careful with strange obstacles and items on your route.

Merge the gladiators to create higher-class types and earn more during harder stages. Coins are rewarded to the players once they finish one match successfully. Don't fail a single match to maximize your earnings from multiple battles! Let's see how much you can earn using your team of gladiators! Similar gaming options such as Nitro Tuk Tuk from https://abcya4.net/.

How to play:

Click and move the left mouse to merge the characters.

Click on the scattered coins to gather them.