Hero Attack

Hero Arack is an exciting puzzle game that has the same gameplay as Angry Birds and you can play both games for free. Instead of flinging birds into buildings to eliminate green pigs, you will sling your heroes into enemies to destroy them. All the heroes are the same. They don’t have any special skills like different birds in the popular title. So it depends on your aiming and slinging skills to kill enemies.

Enemies have initiated the buildings. You don’t have to directly shoot at the enemies. You can destroy the buildings and make the enemies inside lose their life because of disruption. You have a certain number of heroes and you have to kill a specific number of enemies at each level. If you run out of heroes while some enemies are still there, you lose. Try hard to eliminate all enemies with as few heroes as possible.

With more heroes surviving after completing the level, you will get 3 stars. However, like other Angry Birds-inspired games at abcya 4 online, you need only one star to finish a level. Now, 45 stages are available right now and new levels are coming. If your first effort to knock down the structure from one angle ended up in failure, you should try different angles. Besides, don’t forget to take note of the position of the successful attack and move on to the next hero.

You can rely on the successful attack and failed attack to adjust the angle and locate the perfect attack point. Hope you have a great gaming time here and make sure you explore more enjoyable games on our site. Some of the best options for you are Christmas Coloring By Numbers and Paper Fold Origami 2


Use mouse to aim and fling your hero.