Paper Fold Origami 2

Flipping the existing pieces of paper following the dotted parts sounds like an easy task, however, it gets tougher in this ABCya 2022 new game: Paper Fold Origami 2! As this is the sequel to this fun series, you will continue on the journey to explore your talents when it comes to paper art.

Folding the paper pieces according to the dotted shapes and frames will not be as easy as it might sound. The basics of the game are quite simple to understand, yet many struggles to clear all thirty levels available. You will carry out the work of tap and folding the pieces one by one. They will flip according to the dotted line, so all you need to think of is to select the right order.

Some pieces of paper are larger than others, which means that they can overlap and cover a part of the image if not done in the right order. Just change the order and redo the work over and over until you get the right result at the end of the stage! Keep on working with these amazing pieces and make sure to generate the correct final frames! Once started, you will hardly be able to put this game down thanks to the competitive and addictive gameplay.

Let's enjoy this time and destress with our lovely image and the feeling of reward after finishing one! How good are your arranging and coordinating skills with this increasingly difficult puzzle? Let's test them out with more puzzle games that require arranging in the right order such as Cookie Crush Christmas 2 from the new collection for kids of all ages at!

Controlling keys:

Use the left mouse button to choose which parts to flip.

Use a touchpad to flip and play on mobiles or tablets.