Ojek Pickup

The work of delivering customers and goods can become much more interesting and challenging in this ABCya 4 kid game called Ojek Pickup. Not only will you be able to find this game available without any additional cost on our collection but this game also brings the new spin-off of a classic game theme. The players will become one of the drivers in the team of Ojek company for a day!

To overcome the level and gain scores, you will hop on this fast Ojek motorcycle and ride around to search for your destination. Each package of goods has its designated customers and they are waiting intensively for the package. Moreover, there will be tasks relating to picking up and delivering the customers themselves. This takes over the platform with the idea of creating a setting where smartphone-enabled mobility vehicles are active just like in real life. In such a crowded city, the tasks of driving this large vehicle with many packages become more difficult and challenging, yet filled with interesting points. You need to plan the route that you are going to take around these cities. Feel free to enjoy the scenery, setting, and amazing backgrounds for different cities like Jakarta or Surabaya. Choose the suitable path that will cross paths with your customers' places so that you can give the goods to them. Moreover, the players should be aware of the obstacles and the traffic and learn while carrying out the task.

Doing so will allow you to predict the route later in this game at https://abcya4.net/ so that you can figure out the distance and the ending locations. Make sure to satisfy your customers by not letting them wait for too long! There are plenty of fast-paced games with similar rules and elaborated storylines for you and your friends to share such as Tangle Master 3D and Opel GT Slide

Controls: Click and use the mouse to draw the path for the drivers.