Tangle Master 3D

In Tangle Master 3D, there is a mess of wires that are all tangled up! With your wisdom, how long will it take for you to successfully decode all these knots? In this kind of puzzle game, the players can either work alone or gather some friends to figure out the solution together. Thanks to the colorful graphic design and the addictive gameplay, it will only take a few turns for you to get addicted to it! The final goal of this ABCya puzzle game is to separate the tangled wires on each level by abiding by a range of rules.

First, observe the tutorial to learn the basic movement and the rules for this game. While untangling, the players are not allowed to pull out two plugs at the same time. Moreover, no two plugs are allowed to be plugged in at the same time. These two rules are the contribution to making the game much tougher for newbies. Since the difficulty level will increase, try to understand the layout of each stage and succeed continuously. There are three strings or wires with three different colors showing up on the screen once you start. All are placed or hung on a crossbar in a parallel position. As long as no wires are tangling across each other, the stage is completed. The goal is to lift the necessary wire and unfasten the ropes one by one to clear the game.

Once the ropes are all stripped off from the cross positions, you can move onto the next level! The joy of finding out the right solution to the problem in this game from https://abcya4.net/ will be thrilling, so try it out now! Take the time to dig in tons of other puzzles and quizzes with equal levels of difficulty such as Opel GT Slide and Don't Miss

Controls: Use the left mouse to untangle the wires.